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The sound of a 2000 pound animal stampeding on an open plain is just one of the experiences you will encounter with OUTDOORSMAN’S World Class Trophy Bison hunts. OUTDOORSMAN offers only the best and most reputable of Buffalo hunting guides, Buffalo outfitters and ranches in the industry. All are proven professionals that will provide you with the Buffalo hunting experience of a lifetime. Some places where bison hunting can still be found is Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Alberta. The Top Buffalo Hunting trip of a lifetime, begins here with OUTDOORSMAN.

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    Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is a premier hunting ranch and lodge nestled in the Big Hole Mountains of Southeast Idaho, overlooking Wright Creek and Canyon Creek with outstanding views in all directions. We hunt on over 750 acres of our own private land. Our lodge sits at approximately 7,000 feet above sea level and features […]

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    OUTDOORSMAN OUTFITTER OF THE MONTH – JANUARY & FEBRUARY 2007 We offer a second to none sportsman’s trophy hunt in Oak City with several outrageously challenging buffalo hunts. Our trophy bison hunts have bulls upwards of 2200 pounds. Our buffalo hunting ranch is located in central Utah we are cautious to only supply prime conditioned […]

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    It’s our setting that sets us apart. We are located on the foothills of the prettiest and highest part of the Coteau region between two wildlife refuges (and surrounded by various Waterfowl Production Areas) sporting the highest density of potholes per square mile in the United States! We guide our guests on 20000 acres of […]