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Moose Hunts in Alaska

An Alaskan-Yukon or Canadian Moose hunt is one of those hunts you've dreamed about since you were a child. OUTDOORSMAN brings you some of the best guides, outfitters, and lodges in Canada and the United States. Booking moose hunts is one of those things in life that you have to take seriously. Researching out the best Moose hunting guides, outfitters, and lodges can take weeks, but with OUTDOORSMAN, reputable Moose hunting companies are at your fingertips. The Shiras Moose sub-species is found primarily throughout the lower 48 states. The two Canadian Moose subspecies include the Eastern Canadian Moose being hunting in New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Ontario, Quebec and the Western Canadian Moose being hunted in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan & Manitoba. The Alaska-Yukon Moose subspecies is found primarily throughout Alaska and the Yukon and is the largest of the North America Moose subspecies.

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    Hunting doesn’t get better than this! The emphasis on these fall hunts is towards big moose (our yearly average generally runs between 58 and 64 inches), but brown bears are also prevalent in these same areas and can be hunted on a straight or modified trophy fee basis or as part of a longer combination […]