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Bearpaw Outfitters
Telephone: (509) 684-6294
Address: 345 Hwy 20E #A Colville, WA 99114
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    Bearpaw Outfitters Montana whitetail deer hunts, and mule deer hunts are some of the best deer hunting trips available, these November rifle rut hunts are extremely fun and successful. There’s excellent rifle antelope hunts later in October and November. The special archery whitetail hunting lease is in an area that’s closed to rifle hunting which […]

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    Montana Winter Buffalo Hunts. Book Buffalo Hunt with $500 Deposit We still have a few cows, young bulls and older bulls available for this season. Hunts can be done from Sept through March, but the hides are best during December and January. Cows $2550 to $3250 Bulls $3950 to...
    $2550 to $5950
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    Idaho Cougar Hunting Specials

    Bearpaw Outfitters
    Bearpaw Outfitters offer guided cougar hunts in southern Idaho from December to March. The license and tag is available over the counter when you arrive. No draw is needed to hunt cougar in Idaho! We still have a few cougar hunts available for this winter. The hunt fee is $4950, there is a 6% sales...
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    Cow Elk Hunts Available Idaho or Utah Sept to Jan - Cost Each 3-Day Guaranteed Hunt....$1950 **SPECIAL** Save $200 Each Book 3 Guaranteed Hunts for only $1750...
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Why Hunt with Bearpaw? EXPERIENCE: Bearpaw Outfitters are licensed full-time hunting guides and outfitters who have been providing quality hunts since 1977. Bearpaw Outfitters have survived the test of time and have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Hunters from throughout the world have hunted with Bearpaw Outfitters and numerous TV News and Hunting Shows have featured Bearpaw Outfitters hunts on their shows. AREAS AND SUCCESS: Bearpaw Outfitters hunt the best public land areas and they lease thousands of acres of the best private ranch hunting lands for their hunts. Each hunt area has advantages regarding terrain, game numbers, and trophy quality. By hunting many different areas, Bearpaw Outfitters can offer you a better selection of top quality hunts than most any other outfitter. Best of all, shot opportunity averages from 70% to 100% on most hunts nearly every year. PERSONAL SERVICE: Dale, Tara, and their staff want you to feel at home. They truly enjoy visiting, swapping stories, and getting to know their hunters on a personal basis. Regardless of your abilities or amount of prior hunting experience, Bearpaw Outfitters can provide the right hunt and accommodations to fit your needs and they will work hard to provide you with the very best hunting experience possible. You will depart as a friend. Many friends have been returning to Bearpaw Outfitters for 10 or more years. Please read some of the Testimonials from past hunters.

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Bearpaw Outfitters REVIEWS

Frank Ehresmann
2014-10-30 13:30:14
My name is Frank Ehresmann. I came out around 2002, with Mark Graham, a friend from the grocery business over here in Western Washington. We came for spring turkey hunting and had a great time. Dale personally guided me on a favorite spot up outta Kettle Falls to get my jake. He called two into us, working the gobble call behind me, while I held my 870 up, waiting for those wary critters to show. I pulled the trigger on one, connected, and it tumbled down the hill to us. I'll never forget it, as Dale shared his answer to why he guided was for moments when someone got something and really got excited and appreciated it. Well, appreciate it I did!! I have done my share of hunting in recent years, down in the Blues outta Dayton, but this year and last year didn't get much time. I am a teacher now, and hunting season conflicts with school pretty prominently. What are the chances I could bring my girlfriend's son, who's heading off to bootcamp in June, and myself, over in Decemeber when I am on winter break and so is he, and we get a chance at landowner tags to bag a couple of bucks, or even a doe for me, with modern firearms? I am thinking the 21, 22, and 23rd would be great days to hunt? We could drive over on the 20th, hunt those three days, then head home on the 24th? Would we have good odds up on one of your farms nearby self-guiding? What do you think? I'd really like for this young man to have a good cap to his senior year of high school and dream about getting back home to hunt again, as he busts ass through bootcamp. Let me know if this would work, or, if you have a different suggestion, please. Thank you.
Jay Arment
2014-10-31 23:38:40
(2) Cow elk hunts in Utah My daughter and I booked a winter hunt with Dale in Utah. We stayed in a motel in Price, Utah. The guide showed us lots of areas where the elk were a few weeks prior, but there were NONE there now. Our guide said we should ask Dale for a re-book, but Dale refused. We were sad about the lack of up-to-date intel, and Dale's attitude about thye whole deal. My Daughter never hunted again.
Dale Denney
2015-04-22 23:51:51
Reply to Jay Arment: I'm very sorry that your hunt was unsuccessful. The tags you had were valid for a particular property which is on winter range and when the weather got warm just prior to your hunt the elk moved back in the mountains and off the property. There was really nothing we could do to make the elk come back to that property. We no longer hunt that property, we are hunting much larger areas now. We normally average 90% or better on the Utah cow hunts. The last 3 years we have had 100% success on all our Utah cow elk hunts. I don't remember you asking to come back, but I would be willing to let you return for half price and your daughter can come for free, all she has to do is buy her license and tag, I would like to see her hunt again with you. Again my apologies that we didn't kill elk, please contact me at your earliest convenience so that we can arrange this hunt for you and your daughter. THANKS, Dale